July 8,2019 Being From The Heart

Being From The Heart


My life and careers have always come from the heart. Dancing was a passion and a consummate career. Taking daily class beginning with a grand plie a la seconde, centered my day and set me up for all that came my way.  I spent hours learning to be a dancer and becoming a dancer and that discipline carried over to becoming a chef.

 As a chef, I always arrived early in the kitchen when no one was there but me. Perusing the walk in, organizing and looking at the bounty that lay ahead for preparation for the menu.

Making sure each step to the recipe was precise, concise and yielding the best quality, flavor and taste. I have decided to  work for myself again. I will continue to cook, experiment with flavors, tastes and textures

As I take this summer to reflect on my careers, first a dancer and then a chef, my being has always been defined by my work. I will use this time to be myself with no title other than my name.

As I sail the seas and go fishing for the summer, I will use my time to ready the new fall season for 10 Chairs NYC. I will keep each of you posted with photos and a time line for 2019/ Fall 10 Chairs NYC.

Patricia Williams