Chef's Notes

Hi 10 Chairs Fans:

This past Thursday evening marked another fun and successful dinner featuring favorite dishes of past and present U.S. Presidents. We chose to celebrate with the favorite foods of Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Clinton, and Obama.

Our next 10 Chairs dinner celebrates Chinese New Year, the year of the sheep. Only 2 chairs remain available for that dinner on Thursday February 26. So, don't be "Sheepish" about signing up to taste some beautiful, mouth-watering dishes or you may be left in the barn wondering where'd everybody go.

Okay, to news: I've embarked on an accelerated quest to search out even more new products and wines; experimenting in my constant quest for future dinners. The price will change to $80 per person. I know we are all used to increased prices. Unfortunately, this is necessary to further the development of show casing new and even greater delectable's.

I do hope you are having, or have already had a great Valentine's Day. Oh, and if you need a decadent chocolate cake recipe, email me.

Love to cook

Chef Patricia Williams.


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