Chef Notes

Spring notes from the chefI do not usually plan menus far in advance. I find I have an idea and see something in the market and the menu begins to take life..not so for April. The ideas just started to flow and well 3 menus took shape. Maybe the long and very cold winter brought my mind to all things green, fresh and youthful. Spring celebrates a new beginning, baby lamb, tiny vegetables so tender that little preparation needed, just show love and the ingredients speak for themselves. The proper heat, seasoning, and technique make the dishes successful. All that is needed for asparagus so fresh and small is care and they can be eaten cooked or raw with salt, pepper,and a beautiful olive oil. However they can be adorned with more complex items but always allowing the asparagus to shine. Spring peas smashed with mint and a great piece of grilled bread possibly some shaved pecorino make an opening splash on the palate. Spring paints a beautiful canvas of color, texture, and flavor. Spring celebrates fresh new produce, cheese and young animals, but wisdom and knowledge allows the chef to coax the flavors without over powering the ingredients. So I give you 3 menus: an ode to spring, the rite of spring.

BlogPatricia Williams