Chef's Note

After a very successful Chinese New Year 10 Chairs, I look forward to spring. Visions of ramps, asparagus, morels, and spring lamb swirl in my head. But what to cook before the first day of Spring. The weather has been frigid with lots of snow.

All I've wanted to cook are stews, braised meats and other warming dishes.

March 12 is the next dinner and that puts the menu in between winter and spring. So dreams go to a warmer climate and food from those places. Reverie brings me to Florida or California? Maybe a combination. But then I think about the new relations we are developing with Cuba and I've chosen Miami-Cuban. A wealth of culture that has produced dishes I love.

 So for the next dinner we will celebrate Cuba and its rich culture, heritage and food.

 10 Chairs brings on Little Cuba!

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