Fire & Wine

When do you light the fire and when do you drink the wine?Cowboy coffee in the morning? Wait till the perfect dish is cooked to serve and or drink the wonderful bottle or bottles of wine that you have? A Cuban sandwich is a perfect companion to any bottle of wine. It is midsummer and I have not started the grill once this year. There has been much rain but I am waiting for something to drive me to cook. Seeing the embers, smelling the char or waiting for the fire to ignite. I grew up with live fire. At the farm the pot belly stove was feed with wood, the bacon, eggs, meat, fish, and the vegetables came from the land and the river. In the summer we would pick dewberries for pies and though I always felt safe, it could be dangerous. Boots too large, a shirt and pants twice my size my mother and aunt by my side standing ready to hoe the copperheads & rattlesnakes that also love the dewberries. Other than the rushing Brazos, the farm was calm a peaceful place where we laughed, ate and danced. There were places with juke boxes and or live bands where people would go to dance and drink. My aunts, my mother and I would go and dance. Laugh with each other and of course dance. Dancing was a part of our life, my life the life of our family. In the city there was always Saturday night when I would help my mother get dressed before she went out to dance with my aunts, but at the farm I was allowed in that world. I knew the steps to the dances because I danced with my mother daily. As she would dress for work, she would play records and we would dance. It was our time our history and would continue until she was no longer dancing. I continue my dance and she is always by my side. When do you light the fire and when do you drink the wine? The dancing is always there.

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