The other day, I walked to ballet class at Ballet Arts, an historic building that has housed artists and teachers since 1837. Located behind Carnegie Hall, it began as Studio 61, home to Lucia Chase, Jerome Robbins and George Balanchine: so many creative talents who seemed to see a world without limits. Many years ago I was a ballet dancer and still take class when my schedule permits. Going through the rigors of the combinations that begin with plies and end with grand allegro, has been a regimen since I was around 7.

That day, in class, I ran into a very talented singer, actress, comedian, and dancer that I had not seen in a while. She looked fabulous and started to describe her diet to me. No sugar, alcohol, coffee etcetera. My first reaction was to run home, go though my pantry and toss out all those items.

On second thought I could not imagine no wine, bread, coffee, or sugar and how limiting that would be.

But, it sparked something in my thinking: why not reverse the idea of "limits" and use that reversal as a stimulus to strive towards a creative and limitless world? I hesitate to say the next menu will not eliminate all of those items. But, the idea of seeing a new perspective on the culinary arts, inspired me to think and reach out for new ideas.

So as I sit writing the menu for the next 10 Chairs NYC, I am thinking without boundaries. Life can be about having options without kowtowing to the ideas of narrow thoughts and minds.

Join me in experiencing creativity without limits. Chef Patricia Williams

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