Notes From The Chef

As summer is here now, I start to think about tacos and Texas. At this time of year there was a grill going with sizzling fajitas that had been marinated with coca cola ( the real one). A trip to the tortillaria in the morning for fresh tortillas and some conchas for breakfast. Since I have lived in New York, there has been a shortage of a store selling fresh masa and fresh tortillas. Next week I will make a trip to Queens to visit a store that makes and sells homemade corn tortillas. I plan to purchase some fresh masa and make corn tortillas and flour tortillas also.

A trip to the watermelon stand to plug a watermelon to see if it was sweet and ripe then sitting outside on picnic tables with paper plates, salt and watermelon running down our face and clothes. Since we could not eat all the watermelon there, the remaining went home for pickles, juice and salad with fresh mint picked from my mother’s garden.

At this time, my uncle usually came by with giant oysters from his oyster beds, shrimp from his shrimp boats and pickled eggs with pickled ham hocks. All of this in preparation for a family dinner. Since 10 Chairs has become a place where I can cook and make dishes for my guests. This is in preparation for the next dinner on July 9. Hope to see you there.

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