Notes from the Chef

Fall is definitely here today and the next menu is all about the season. When I write a menu it is an outline and not a finished product. Squash soup? What type of squash? What texture or flavor will I add to the soup? Smooth as in a bisque or chunky as a peasant soup with apples, leeks. Soup has so many possibilities and for this reason it can be an entire meal with a loaf of bread and a glass of wine.Today I made the chicken stock for the soup, slowly simmered bones and aromatics. A feeling of warmth and comfort fills the house as the simmering stock waits for the roasted squash, leeks and roasted pears. Transforming the lowly gourd into deliciousness. The end of Indian summer brings a new vegetable bounty. I am sharing the 10 Chairs menu and thoughts with you my friends. Join me on the fall journey.

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