Past & Present

Home from the sea and the abundance of beauty on the Long Island Sound. Creating new venues for the fall/winter season, October 5 will be the first dinner of the season. As many of you know, my previous career as a ballet dancer and one of the companies was Harkness Ballet Company.” An American Ballet Story” is being written about the Harkness Ballet and I am featured in the film.

The director of the company will be in New York to share my story” After The Ballet”. Leslie Streit will be attending the dinner October 5 and will see where my path has taken me post Harkness days.

Ballet instilled in me drive, determination and the pursuit of excellence that has made 10 Chairs a success.

So as I plan the menu as in a ballet there will be an adagio, allegro and a coda. Jete with me into October and we shall share a pas de dix.

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