Roasting A Chicken

Winter seems reluctant to arrive. A slight chill in the air betrays its intent. At home I am putting the finishing touches on the first menu of January 2016. This menu is of special significance for it is the first menu of season 6 of 10 Chairs NYC 2016.

The sound of heat in the apartment trickles through the radiator. But I still feel slightly cold and decide to turn on the oven. No sense letting that heat source go to waste - roast a chicken!

Nothing fancy just lots of salt and pepper, maybe some herbs and yes potatoes to soak up all the delicious juices as the chicken roasts. The chill subsides and I place the chicken in the oven on a bed of lemons and herbs. I return to my work on the menu. After a little time, my mind is drawn back to the cooking chicken as I hear the crackle of the skin and the smell of the herbs. Now, I can't wait for a great lunch. Memories fill me with every roast chicken I have cooked and eaten.

The most simple meal has made me warm and will feed me well. I give thanks to my best friend and to my husband and to all of my family who remain in spirit with me daily.

The next time you feel a chill remember that somewhere, someone is warm and roasting a lovely bird to take the chill away.

Be safe and warm for this holiday season.

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