Smoke Jazz Supper Club Review - HuffPo

"Smoke" -- the Upper West Side place on Broadway at 106th -- is surely the most genuine, congenial and best-run jazz club in the city. It's an intimate jazz/supper club that seats about fifty people for dinner at tight tables with another eight or 10 seats at the bar. Everything is a little cramped but in the right way. Waitresses snake merrily through the crowd; the Manhattan-size bathroom lies behind a closet door tucked between the bandstand and another door that opens onto a precipitous staircase down to the basement kitchen, up which come food porters miraculously balancing several plates. The décor is elegant, not fancy. Low light, dark wood and -- for Christmas -- a huge, gorgeous three-layer wreath atop the bar. Dinner at Smoke is cuisine, first-class, not just food. Executive Chef Patricia Williams produces a one-star Michelin-quality menu. While you're happy to eat a fine meal, everyone is there for the music and behave so even if a few guidebook-driven tourists show up from time to time. See the full review on Huffington Post.

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