Unusual Facts about the Presidents

In preparation for our Presidents Day Dinner on February 12, the following are three facts about each President featured in the dinner with which you may be unfamiliar. (Note: one of the three for each President is just not true. Can you guess which?) WashingtonPresident George Washington:

  1. Washington was an ultra-successful liquor distributor.
  2. When inaugurated Washington had only one of his natural teeth that he called "old chomper."
  3. Washington was color blind and was only able to see the color purple.


LincolnPresident Abraham Lincoln:

  1. Lincoln was a licensed bartender.
  2. During a visit to a prostitute Lincoln was short by $2. Being an honest man, he got dressed and left before the deed was completed.
  3. He suffered from boils on his backside.


JeffersonPresident Thomas Jefferson:

  1. Jefferson chipped off a piece of Shakespeare's chair and stole it.
  2. Wore his pajamas while meeting with Foreign dignitaries.
  3. He was convinced that he would die in the arms of a woman.


ClintonPresident William Clinton:

  1. As a child his name was known as "Bubba."
  2. He played in a band called the "Three Blind Mice."
  3. Supported gay rights long before it was fashionable.


ObamaPresident Barack Obama:

  1. When Uhura (a character from Star Trek) visited the White House Obama made the Vulcan salute in greeting.
  2. Obama's nickname in high school was "Barry O'Bomber."
  3. Obama's favorite soup is, a mix of clam chowder and beef tongue.
BlogPatricia Williams